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What will your legacy be?

Will you help animals — from the majestic to the miniature — thrive in Ontario’s protected spaces?

Will you inspire the next generation to enjoy and care for parks while building their own memories?

Will you help others discover and celebrate our natural and cultural histories?

Our Impact

Provincial parks are part of the fabric of Ontario – the interwoven stories of people and the land.

Parks play a vital role in protecting natural places, now and forever. Like precious family heirlooms, they are meant to be treasured and passed from generation to generation.

When you include a gift to Ontario Parks in your Will, you are joining others on a mission to protect significant natural and cultural resources and maintain biodiversity in a system of provincial parks that is sustainable and provides opportunities for inspiration, enjoyment and discovery; now and for future generations.

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Memories made in Ontario’s parks helped make you who you are. A gift to Ontario Parks in your Will is a powerful and enduring reminder of your love of parks, respect for nature, and hope for future generations.

Tell us what matters to you and we’ll help you plan your legacy. When you make a gift to Ontario Parks in your Will you can be confident that your donation will be received with gratitude and managed with care.

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