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About Ontario Parks

What will your legacy be?

Will it help animals — from the majestic to the miniature — thrive in our protected spaces?

Will it inspire the next generation to enjoy and protect our parks while building their own memories for the future?

Will it help share and steward wisdom about our natural and cultural histories?

Provincial parks are part of the fabric of Ontario – our history, culture, and natural environment. They help to preserve our natural landscapes for future generations.

Only a small part of Ontario Park’s budget comes from provincial taxes. Most of the funds to maintain, manage and protect our parks come from day-use and camping fees, rentals, partnerships and donations. Your gift today will go directly to projects and programs that matter to you.

Your donation, no matter the size, helps ensure that Ontario’s natural environment is maintained and enjoyed today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

Our Impact

It’s our mission to protect significant natural and cultural resources and maintain biodiversity in a system of provincial parks that is sustainable and provides opportunities for inspiration, enjoyment and discovery; now and for future generations. Your support will help fulfill this vital mission.

Ecological Integrity: Our parks protect unique ecosystems, biodiversity and significant elements of Ontario’s natural and cultural heritage. Designate your gift to help us manage and maintain ecological integrity, and preserve our Parks for future generations.

Education: Our educational programs are offered in over 75 parks and in a growing in-school program. Your donation to our Discovery Program will be invested in creating a passion for parks through education.

Trails & Recreation: From trail maintenance and restoration to developing new recreation spaces, we will invest your donation to connect people with provincial parks in inspirational and transformative ways.

Your Favourite Park: Is there one park that holds a special place in your heart? Each park has different needs ranging from campsite maintenance and trail development to species at risk monitoring and educational program development. By selecting this option, you’ll ensure your donation goes directly to your park.

How your gift will be used

A donation to Ontario Parks through your Will makes a difference – now and forever.

Let’s discuss what matters most to you and how can truly leave a legacy by giving to Ontario Parks. Do you want it to benefit the parks system in general, or direct it to your favourite park or program?

Your time at Ontario Parks helped make you, you.

Like a precious family heirloom, Ontario’s provincial parks are meant to be passed down from generation to generation. That’s the power your legacy has.

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