Moisson Québec

Community Benefit, Social Service


Founded in 1987, Moisson Québec is the only food bank in the greater Quebec City area, serving the territory from Portneuf to Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré and from Stoneham to Lévis.

Our mission

Act on food insecurity to improve the quality of life of people living in difficult socio-economic conditions.

Our objectives

  • Recover and redistribute food.
  • Develop and implement innovative food aid practices.
  • Develop and support networking between organizations.
  • Raise awareness, train and support our network and the general public.

Our beliefs

We firmly believe in the potential of each individual, and we direct our interventions towards personal development and the involvement of all towards personal and collective well-being.

We believe that economic, social and political contexts have an influence on food insecurity and poverty. Situations of vulnerability are therefore not only the result of individual choices, but also of collective choices.

We believe that food aid is a lever for achieving food security and improving quality of life. Food aid must be accessible to everyone in an emergency situation. However, our actions must be oriented towards the autonomy and full potential of users, through innovative food practices and alternative intervention methods.

Finally, we believe that we have a social duty to raise public awareness. Our actions must be tied in with the various social movements striving for a better quality of life. We must also implement information and awareness-raising strategies to improve the public’s knowledge of the reality of people living in poverty, and thus reduce prejudice against them.

Our Impact

On the environment
We recover over 4.4 million kilos of food products a year, worth $44 million, from our 180 suppliers. In so doing, we avoid the loss of surplus and unsold products, and contribute directly to reducing food waste.

On food safety
Harvested products are sorted, then redistributed to our 129 accredited organizations: food counters, collective kitchens, soup kitchens, etc. By freeing them from this onerous task, we enable them to concentrate their resources on helping people in need, thereby maximizing the positive impact.

Every month, 80,000 people receive food that is essential to improving their quality of life. Of these, 39% are under the age of 18.

In the network
We support the organizations in our network in their operations and development. We provide them with training specific to food aid and interventions in the context of poverty, as well as start-up assistance for alternative food aid practices.

As the only food bank in the Quebec City region, we ensure that every request for assistance within our territory is met. Last but not least, we are committed to providing information and raising awareness.

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By supporting our collective provision, we can make a very real difference in the lives of thousands of people by providing them with the vital support they need to feed themselves every day. The contribution of the people in our community is essential to our mission, since nearly 80% of our revenues come from donations and activities. Furthermore, 90% of our expenses go directly to services for organizations, the distribution center and awareness and communication activities.

At Moisson Québec, every dollar counts. With a $1 donation, we can provide 4 meals or $13 worth of food. With $21, we can feed a family of four for a week.

By making a donation to Moisson Québec, you’re encouraging the development and full potential of every human being through access to the basic need of food.

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