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North York Harvest Food Bank is the primary food bank for north Toronto. The number of of community members relying on the North York Harvest network has continued to set new records, with more than 25,000 being served each month.

At North York Harvest Food Bank, we believe in a community where all members have dignified food access, empowering individuals, and strengthening communities by working towards finding long-term food solutions.

By taking a focused approach to community engagement which includes providing respectful food assistance, education and advocacy, North York Harvest continues to be at the heart and health of the North York community.

Our Vision:  A community where all members are able to meet their food needs.

Our Mission:  To engage our community in meeting the food needs of northern Toronto by providing dignified food assistance, education, focused advocacy, and long-term food solutions.

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Our Impact

In the last year, we saw 3,500 new families visiting our food spaces and 1/3 of the people visiting are children. Visits from seniors are also growing in number, making them our fastest growing demographic.

Your generosity helps:

  • Children and Youth
  • Parents, who often put the needs of their children first
  • Seniors, the biggest jump among all food bank users
  • Community members that have recently lost their job
  • People living with disabilities
  • Individuals who may only need assistance a few times each year, to make it through difficult periods

Beyond meeting the food needs of our neighbours, we’re also leveraging our specific capabilities to support non-profit organizations all over Toronto with their food procurement, warehousing and delivery needs.

Through FoodReach, a social enterprise project of North York Harvest Food Bank, we are combatting the rising cost of food and high grocery store markups by offering affordable and convenient access to wholesale-priced produce, dairy, and bread to daycare centres, schools, shelters and other community agencies.

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North York Harvest Food Bank

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How your gift will be used

Through your legacy gift you will have a lasting impact on our community by supporting the lives of individuals and families who come to North York Harvest.

Rooted in the communities we serve, North York Harvest addresses the immediate and vital need for emergency food support, while also advocating for long-term solutions and working to address the root causes of poverty – the true source of food insecurity in our city.

By designating a gift in your will, North York Harvest has the additional resources required to cultivate a sustainable future, one that builds capacity and extends beyond emergency food support. This is your opportunity to assist struggling  families in a meaningful way, and help build a brighter future for everyone. In this way, you will be joining with other supporters who have helped secure the financial future  of North York Harvest and the network of community agencies our organization continues to serve.

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