OLTA staff collect soil samples as part of the Nature Smart Climate Solutions program

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From forest fires to air quality advisories, extreme heat and floods, we are already experiencing the impacts of climate change.   

Many of us are thinking about what we can do. There is so much, from advocating politically for change to reducing our carbon footprint by driving less. At OLTA, we are inspired and encouraged by the power of the land and nature to help fight climate change. Soils and wetlands naturally sequester carbon, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

Nature is truly a hero. By keeping land and natural areas intact, caring for it, and by helping to restore and protect degraded lands, we help build a world that is healthier, safer, and more climate resilient.   

When you choose to include OLTA in your gift, you are supporting an organization that has empowered land trusts to increase conserved lands by over 500% since 2002! That is an incredible power!   


Our Impact

OLTA works with land trusts, government and many other partners to conserve land, waters, wetlands, forests, and farmlands, and the growth of the Land Trust community in Ontario. We are able to do this work because of supporters and land trust heroes like you.  

Together we:   

  • contribute to the goal of protecting 30 percent of lands by 2030
  • keep carbon in the soil and out of the atmosphere
  • preserve biodiversity and protect species at risk
  • mitigate the impacts of extreme weather on local communities
  • ensure that more people have access to nature, through programs like Engaging New Canadians with nature.

These are the pieces that help build the thriving future we dream of, for generations to come.   

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OLTA connects the land conservation community by sharing knowledge and best practices, reducing financial barriers to land conservation, promoting organizational excellence, sharing access to current research and Indigenous knowledge systems and acting as a voice for land trusts among the public, governments and other rights holders and partners. Your gift will be used to help strengthen this important ongoing work. 

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