Quebec Writers’ Federation (QWF)

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Supporting, Connecting, and Inspiring Quebec Writers

The Quebec Writers’ Federation is a vibrant and inclusive organization that provides English-language programs, services, opportunities, and community for aspiring, emerging, and established writers and the wider public in Quebec. Specifically, we work to:

  • Provide professional development and employment opportunities to Quebec-based writers working in English at appropriate stages of their careers
  • Raise the profile of QWF members who are emerging or established writers
  • Increase public interaction with the literary arts, particularly in underserved communities
  • Inspire and teach at-risk youth to use language to express themselves in creative and productive ways
  • Facilitate contact between qualified writers and the public through our online Hire-a-Writer directory
  • Promote Quebec’s literary scene through our online literary database of Quebec English-language literature
  • Encourage dialogue and collaboration between Quebec’s English- and French-speaking literary communities
  • Create mutually supportive partnerships with literary presenters across the province and with other national, provincial, and municipal arts organizations
  • Communicate with all levels of government on behalf of our constituency

Along with career-oriented writers, QWF’s diverse membership of approximately 775 includes those who have a personal interest in writing, those who love literature, and those who want to be kept informed about high-quality literary events, activities, and programs. All of our constituents are linked by QWF’s vision of a lasting place for English literature and its practitioners on the Quebec cultural scene.

Our Impact

We help writers achieve their dreams.

For over thirty years, QWF has helped English-language writers in Quebec build careers through our activities, awards, residencies, and many other opportunities.

We keep stories alive.

Everyone has a story to share. Through our work with seniors, youth, and remote communities, we provide means for people to do precisely that: to share their stories. To keep their stories alive.

We devote tremendous resources to working with at-risk youth, helping them achieve their potential and use language to express themselves in productive ways.

We help make Quebec a diverse, inclusive place.

We are a home for diverse writers from all walks of life, a place where they can unleash their stories and watch them fly, leaving their mark on readers across Quebec, Canada, and the globe.

“… [The] short time you spent in our classroom shaped who I am as an adult. I just finished my first screenplay. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for meeting you, I never would’ve been inspired enough to really think I could do it.”

Quoted with permission from a letter sent to Writers in the Community facilitator Ian McGillis in 2020 by Desrick Walcott, participant from a 2010 project.

See what your legacy could be

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QWF Fédération des écrivaines et écrivains du Québec/QWF Quebec Writers' Federation

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140319518 RR 0001

How your gift will be used

You will make a difference in many lives.

If QWF has made a difference in your life, we’d like you to consider the impact you could have on the next generation of Quebec writers and the future of our organization.

Through your legacy gift, you have the power to:

  • Improve the lives of at-risk youth
  • Give a voice to writers from underserved groups
  • Inspire seniors to share their stories and connect with their children and grandchildren

An unrestricted gift will allow us to apply the funds where we most need them or to invest them for future opportunities. But we would be delighted to have a conversation with you in which we learn which of our programs is most meaningful to you and discuss the possibility of a designated gift. If you are considering designating your gift to a particular program, or if you’d like to endow a prize in perpetuity, please do check with us to make sure that we’re able to fulfill your wishes.

Either way, we encourage you to let us know if you’re making a legacy gift so we can thank you appropriately!

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