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Scientists are raising the alarm. The humidity levels of the Amazon are dropping. The wet-adapted tree species and the animals that live there are in crisis. The Amazon rainforest has reached a tipping point and is being reduced to a degraded savannah. Essentially, the Amazon rainforest is dying.

Should we care? Yes, we should care. A lot.

We’ve witnessed the destruction first hand. We’ve seen vast areas of rainforest destroyed by logging and slash and burn farming. We’ve visited illegal gold mining camps that have transformed pristine wilderness into mercury polluted “moonscapes”. We’ve walked on roads which cut through previously remote and inaccessible areas where indigenous people live in voluntary isolation.

The death of the Amazon will release massive amounts of carbon leading to extreme weather events and disease outbreaks – which we’re already experiencing. The reduction in rainfall will lead to water and food shortages, and mass extinctions of plant and animal species affecting families and economies worldwide. So yes, …it’s serious.

It’s more important than ever that we stand together to protect and defend what’s left of the Amazon Rainforest.

The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) is a registered Canadian charity. We protect threatened tropical rainforest habitats in the Peruvian Amazon to conserve and restore the biodiversity of species and ecosystems for the benefit of future generations.

Our management teams in Canada and Peru include conservation experts, business professionals and researchers. Our Canadian team consists entirely of volunteers, which means all donations are directed to our conservation projects. Our work depends entirely on gifts from supporters who share our passion for the natural world.



Our Impact

By having land conservation projects in separate ecosystems, we are able to protect a wide biodiversity of plants and animals – especially endangered species.

We purchase ecosystems under threat (either through private sales or concession easements) for conservation purposes.

We reforest land that has been deforested.

We support local communities to transition to more sustainable livelihoods – those that don’t harm the rainforest (e.g. becoming forest rangers, harvesting brazil nuts, bee keeping for honey production).

We educate the next generation about the natural world to inspire a passion to save it with our online education platform called EARTH (Environmental Activities & Rainforest Teaching Hub)

Read our 2021 impact report here

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How your gift will be used

With your legacy gift, you will be making one of the most meaningful investments you can make for future generations. You can choose from the following programs for where would like your gift to go toward:

Land acquisition and reforestation — Your impact here will allow ARC to increase the lands in our care and create a large safe-haven for some of the Amazon’s most vulnerable wildlife.

Boots on the ground – Your impact here will allow us to hire more forest rangers from the local communities to patrol and protect the wildlife and tree species living on ARC lands.

General Fund — This fund helps us with our operating costs in Peru. Remember we are all volunteers in Canada, but in Peru, we do have expenses such as accounting and legal fees, staff salaries, transportation costs, maintenance of boats, etc.

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