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Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) is a registered Canadian charity. We protect threatened tropical rainforest habitats in the Peruvian Amazon to conserve and restore the biodiversity of species and ecosystems for the benefit of future generations.

For generations, the Amazon rainforest has stood as an awe-inspiring testament to the magic and power of nature. And we need a healthy Amazon rainforest. It plays a key role in the basic functioning of our planet.  As the “lungs of our planet”, it represents one of Earth’s most vital life support systems, producing over 20% of the world’s oxygen and housing approximately 10% of known species.

Sadly, it is under threat and its conservation is more crucial than ever.

We imagine a world where the chorus of the Amazon’s diverse wildlife can be heard for generations to come. Where the ancient trees remain standing tall, protecting our planet’s health and balance. With your help, this vision can become a reality.

By including ARC in your Will, you are making a commitment to the survival of the Amazon rainforest for generations to come.


Our Impact


On the 1900 acres of land under our care, we are the proud protectors of many endangered species, including jaguars and spider monkeys.


Our rangers collect the healthiest seeds from native trees and bring them to our nursery. Once  matured, they are planted back on our lands.


We are investigating the best scientific methods to clean up the mercury polluted pits left behind by illegal gold miners. As a start, we are planting a bamboo species that accumulates mercury in its tissues and thereby removing it from the soil.

Pollination Promotion

Bees are among the most important pollinators. Due to pesticides and deforestation their population is threatened. Our rangers locate wild bee nests and transfer part of the community to houses that mimic their natural nests. This helps increase their populations.

Macaw Reproduction

Macaws have suffered major population declines due to the logging of the old growth hardwood trees on which they rely for nesting sites. To help with this,  we are mounting macaw nesting boxes on the large trees on land. We hope this will lead to a new generation of baby macaws being born and raised on our land.

Read our 2022 impact report here

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  • Conserve and preserve vital habitats.
  • Ensure that thousands of species – many still undiscovered – continue to flourish in their native habitat.
  • Promote sustainable solutions.
  • Fund research and projects that focus on sustainable ways to exist and benefit from the rainforest without harming it.

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  • Your Will is a personal, private document and we respect that.
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