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Life is a precious gift from God. Over your lifetime, you have been blessed with many material possessions and, as a good steward, you have managed them wisely, so that you could provide for your family and support the missions and ministries you hold dear. In this spirit of generosity, we ask you to consider leaving a legacy gift to The United Church of Canada Foundation. Your gift will not only provide ongoing support for the causes and beliefs you treasure most, but it will also provide a legacy of your faith in action. Your light will be a beacon that shines for years to come!

Why include The United Church of Canada Foundation in your will?

It’s a powerful, meaningful way for your legacy to contribute to the United Church of Canada ministries closest to your heart! A bequest to the Foundation will ensure that you can provide a legacy of faith in action. Throughout your life, you may have discovered a love for a particular cause or ministry. If your favourite cause is related to the United Church, a bequest to the Foundation is the best way to ensure that it is supported into the future.

  • You have the satisfaction of knowing that your legacy gift will support transformational ministry.
  • Your gift helps to ensure our church will be here for future generations.
  • A gift to your congregation (perhaps via an endowment fund established with a gift in your will!) can enable opportunities for whatever the future may hold.
  • Your estate obtains a charitable tax receipt for the full amount received.

Our Impact

Long-term gifts to the United Church of Canada Foundation, including bequests and endowments, create lasting change in the United Church. People who make long-term gifts to the Foundation have provided stable, dependable support for their congregations, funded the building of a non-profit housing complex, and supported peace and justice work, and the Mission and Service of the Church.


Read more in our latest impact report!

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Including the Foundation in your will is a powerful, meaningful way for your legacy to contribute to the continuation and growth of the ministries of United Church of Canada closest to your heart. Your gift can strengthen an already-established fund at the Foundation, and provide predictable, vital income to United Church ministries, projects, people and programs. Or, you can create a personal endowment fund with your bequest, and choose the ministries that are important to you: your congregation, UCC Camps, your alma mater, Mission and Service, and more!

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