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About United Way Centraide Canada

United Way Centraide Canada provides national leadership and support for the network of local United Ways and Centraides that put your donations to work by creating lasting change in local communities from coast to coast to coast. Our unique approach focuses on meeting immediate needs while also addressing the underlying conditions that make people vulnerable in the first place.

We are local experts: Through research, consultation, and experience, we know where the need is greatest in each community – and we invest our efforts and your donations where they will have the greatest results.

We bring people together: We make sure the right people, organizations and skills are at the table to solve the tough problems. We work together with nonprofits, government, community agencies, corporate partners, labour organizations, and donors to improve lives across Canada.

We address root causes: We aim to create lasting change. By learning more about the factors that influence issues like poverty, we can tackle them early and develop long-term solutions.

With your support, we are creating lasting, positive change in communities across Canada. Learn more.

Our Impact

Across Canada, United Way Centraides are working locally to build great communities for everyone. Our work focuses on three key strategies to create opportunities for everyone in our communities to live a better life:

  1. Moving people from poverty to possibility: We are helping to meet the basic needs of our community’s most vulnerable people, giving every Canadian the opportunity to realize a better future.
  2. Helping kids be all they can be: We are giving children and youth the support they need to get a great start in life, do well in school, and reach their full potential.
  3. Building strong and healthy communities: We are creating vibrant neighbourhoods, where everyone experiences a sense of belonging and connection to one another.

Throughout Canada, we are putting your donations to work where they get the greatest results.

  • 5,000+ programs offered or supported by United Way Centraides to help those in need
  • 1 million+ United Way Centraide donors, staff and volunteers working to change lives
  • $365 million raised by United Way Centraides each year to invest in improving lives locally

How your gift will be used

While our members work to improve lives locally, United Way Centraide Canada plays a critical role in providing leadership and support at the national level to strengthen our collective impact.

When you support United Way Centraide Canada, you are helping drive the work of our members forward. Your support bolsters our ability to provide direction to our members towards a common understanding of our challenges and opportunities, as well as the creation of network level solutions for greater impact. It allows us to promote collective action on national initiatives and public policy work and build capacity for a stronger United Way Centraide Movement.

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