Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan



The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan is the province’s leading dementia care and research charity. With Resource Centres located throughout the province, we offer:

  • Help for Today through our programs and services for people living with dementia.
  • Hope for Tomorrow by funding research to find causes, a cure and to improve care for people with dementia and their caregivers.

Vision Statement:
A world without Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Mission Statement:
The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan empowers all people to live well with dementia while funding research into prevention, cures and quality of life.


Request the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan’s free Estate Planner and Guide by submitting our request form or call Kaleta Strain, Director of Revenue Development, at 306-949-4141.

Our Impact

The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan empowers all people to live well with dementia. Last year, we provided services and programs to over 2,482 people from 279 different Saskatchewan communities. In addition, we dedicated over $350K to research dementia causes, treatments and a cure.

Individuals who connect with the services and programs of the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan have a better experience with the disease than those who do not.

  • 76% of those we support report they have better strategies for coping with dementia and related symptoms.
  • 82% of family caregivers are more confident in their ability to support the person with dementia.
  • 86% of those we support would recommend the Alzheimer Society to their family and friends.

Over 20,000 people in Saskatchewan have Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. Every 24 hours, 10 or more people develop dementia.  In the next decade, that number is expected to double.

How your gift will be used

At the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan, we believe completing your Will and Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Property makes you a Super Hero.

Why? Because you are protecting those you care about, your assets, and, if you leave a charitable bequest to the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan in your Will, you will help us defeat dementia – a formidable foe!


“Without the society I felt alone. When I joined, it was comforting someone knew what I was going through.” – Alzheimer Society Client


By including the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan in your estate planning, you will ensure the sustainability of the programs and services that are a lifeline to people with dementia and their families in Saskatchewan. Your support will ensure these programs can continue at no-cost. Your gift will also drive vital research, which will eventually reveal the mysteries of the disease, and advance diagnosis, treatment and prevention.


“My hope is that my small contribution is now helping someone else as they navigate this with a loved one.” – Alzheimer Society Donor

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