With the kindness of caring animal lovers, the BC SPCA helps more than 118,000 animals each year. 

  • We’re the only animal welfare organization in B.C. with the authority to enforce animal cruelty laws. Our Animal Protection Officers are on the road rescuing animals every day. 
  • Over the years more than 1 million animals have been cared for in our 36 animal centres, and adopted by loving families. 
  • Whether it’s a wildfire, a pandemic or somebody fleeing domestic violence, we’re here to help animals (and their humans) in emergencies. 
  • When laws and codes of practice don’t reflect current animal welfare science, we push for changes to provide greater protection. 
  • We invest in the future of animal welfare by providing human education programs and engaging nearly 7,000 youth through our Kids Club  

All this, and more, is possible because of the compassionate commitment of thoughtful British Columbians to protect innocent animals. This commitment is never felt more than when an animal lover becomes a Forever Guardian. 

For Forever Guardians caring for animals is an essential part of who they are. They have included a gift to the BC SPCA in their Will so that their love for animals will live on. These loyal friends ensure that animals are cared for when the unexpected happens, and are transforming how animals are protected in B.C.friends ensure that animals are cared for when the unexpected happens, and are transforming how animals are protected in B.C. 

Our Impact

The BC SPCA has been speaking for animals for more than 125 years. Together with animal lovers, we’ve saved animals’ lives and pushed for stronger laws and standards. 

Perhaps the most profound change has been in response to the unwanted animal crisis. 

Decades ago, often the only way to help a vulnerable animal was in a shelter. Shelters were bursting with unwanted, abused and stray animals. It was all we could do to attend to their most basic needs. Sadly, there was often no happily-ever-after for animals who needed to overcome injury, fear, aggression or the trauma of abuse. Today, this is still the case in many places across North America, but not in B.C. 

Most people would rescue a single animal, but an extraordinary few find a way to help suffering animals for years to come. Visionaries like these left loving gifts in their Will that changed animal welfare. And now, with far fewer unwanted animals, there are more resources to help the most vulnerable. 

The impact of these caring animal lovers will be felt for decades. They’ve paved the way for another transformation: expanding beyond our shelters to help more animals in our communities. 

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How your gift will be used

Many families in B.C. struggle to care for their pets. Issues like unemployment, lack of pet friendly housing, fleeing domestic violence, and unexpected emergencies mean people can be faced with the hard choice of caring for their own basic needs or giving up their pet. Since we know that the best place for a pet is with their loving family, the best way to help animals is often to help their people help them.  

Imagine a B.C. where: 

  • Loving pet owners get support so they know how to best meet the needs of their animals. 
  • With help from pet foodbanks, subsidized vet care and emergency animal boarding, beloved pets and their families can stay together long-term. 
  • Our animal shelters are a last critical safety net when all other supports have been exhausted. (And of course, in cases of deliberate cruelty, our Animal Protection Officers will be there to rescue abused animals). 

When their humans are vulnerable, animals suffer too. Once again, we need extraordinary visionaries who want their love of animals to live on by helping animals for generations to come. The animals need leaders, Forever Guardians, who want to build a legacy of love. 

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