Bonny Lea Farm

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In a world that can be less than kind to people living with physical and intellectual disabilities, Bonny Lea Farm offers an oasis.

In 1973, our founders had a vision for people living with differing abilities – hope for a fulfilling life with opportunities to learn, grow and succeed. We still have that vision and hope you do to.

Bonny Lea Farm’s holistic and individualized approach supports each participant in reaching their goals and potential. Our participants are the reason we are here and they have come from all over Nova Scotia and beyond to access our unique programs.

We provide a safe and supportive environment for life-skills development and learning in our licensed homes. Our vocational program and social enterprises provide meaningful work options.

The enhanced supports we offer are tailored to each participant’s unique needs, including speech and language therapy, adaptive lifestyles program (physiotherapy, art, sports, drama and leisure), communication and behavioural counselling, spiritual development, and community engagement.

Our Impact

Together we make a difference.

When you give to Bonny Lea Farm, you are a part of realizing hopes and making dreams come true for adults living with intellectual disabilities.

Hope for a home. Hope for meaningful work. Hope for a welcoming community. Hope for independence. Hope for new friendships.

Dan’s Story

When Dan finished school he and his Mom hoped to find a place where Dan would feel at home. They hoped to find a place where Dan could learn and grow. They hoped to find a community that would engage and empower him.

Today, Dan is living in one of our group homes with four other participants. He is learning new life skills, making decisions and gaining independence. He is also making friends and enjoying work. His personality and sense of humour are enjoyed by his housemates and staff.

We know there is a bright future for Dan here at Bonny Lea Farm.  Learn more about the impact of supporting Bonny Lea Farm.

You can help us keep that hope alive by leaving a gift in your will.

How your gift will be used

Your gift will:

Keep us Learning – Help us to have a safe and supportive environment for life-skills development and learning in our licensed homes.

Keep us Working – Help us to purchase equipment, materials for our social enterprises and provide wages for participants.

Keep us Healthy – Help us to stay active and strong mentally, physically and emotionally by funding activities and supports.

Keep us Dreaming – Help us to achieve our personal goals from horseback riding to learning a new skill.

Keep us Moving – Help us keep going to medical appointments, social and community outings by keeping our vehicles serviced, fueled and insured.

Keep us Awesome – Help us stay awesome by keeping the heat and lights on.

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