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At Cal Bombay Ministries, we believe that everyone should have enough to eat. But, throughout South Sudan and Uganda, many families aren’t sure where the next meal is coming from. We think it should come from the family’s own garden.

By planting gardens, refugees and other families facing hunger can grow healthy, nutritious food even on very small plots of land. Through hands-on training sessions, they develop the skills to plant and tend a garden that uses space and water efficiently. They also receive the tools and seeds they need to get started.


Our Impact

We’ve helped over 21,600 refugee and low-income families living in Uganda plant gardens.

A garden means food on the table even when there is no money to buy food. A garden means access to food even when movement is restricted due to pandemics or other events.

But a garden means so much more than just food.

Young people who would otherwise have nothing to do work in the gardens, learning valuable life skills. Gardens allow people to manage chronic health conditions with the best, freshest foods possible. Parents don’t have the agony of sending their children to bed hungry. Single moms can sell vegetables and pay their children’s school fees. Fathers have the dignity of being able to provide for their families. People can share with their neighbours who need a little extra help.

The gardens create employment and farming cooperatives. Gardens open up a world of possibilities in the communities where they are planted.



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Your gift will be used to help families in need plant gardens. You’ll be providing even more people with access to good food. You’ll give children the nutritious food they need to grow healthy and strong. You’ll give parents the peace of mind that they can provide for their children. You’ll be helping everyone to have enough to eat. You’ll be helping to end hunger.



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