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About Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross is the leading humanitarian organization through which Canadians voluntarily demonstrate their care and compassion for others. We work to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.

Canadian Red Cross has over 5,000 disaster response volunteers across the country, mobilized during disasters to support individuals, families and communities – providing shelter, food, water, financial assistance and emotional support.

Globally, we have access to a network of Red Cross health teams, able to bring lifesaving care, medicines and supplies into some of the most dire and dangerous regions of the world.

We can deploy our cutting-edge Emergency Field Hospital, staffed by a team of highly trained Canadian doctors and nurses, that can bring lifesaving care to anywhere in the world within 72-hours.

Our Impact

On average, the Canadian Red Cross responds to a disaster here in Canada every three hours and assists more than 160 Canadians daily. In 2019 we responded to over 3,000 disasters, helped over 57,000 Canadians with emergency assistance and recovery support, and mobilized over 5,000 disaster response volunteers across the country.

Globally, the Canadian Red Cross responds to devastating natural disasters, conflicts and disease outbreaks. In 2019 we supported 45 emergency operations, sent over 100 experts (doctors, nurses, operations specialists) to the field and reached 2.3 million people with humanitarian assistance.

We live in a world of ever-increasing emergency. There is need on a scale most of us could never begin to comprehend. The Red Cross works hard to make sure every request we get for help is answered.

Disasters and conflict destroy homes and hospitals, threaten food supplies, and tear children from their parents’ arms and the Red Cross is there – reuniting families and rebuilding communities.

How your gift will be used

With a gift to the Canadian Red Cross in your Will, you will protect and care for future generations in their time of greatest need.

When disaster strikes, the Canadian Red Cross is there to provide comfort and care to individuals and families.  There will always be situations where we are needed, but we can only be there with your support.  We cannot end wars or stop famines, prevent fires or personal crises, but as long as there are people like you who are prepared to help – to put us where we’re needed – our humanitarian spirit can endure.

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