Two dozen actors on an empty stage with their hands raised towards the sky.

Centaur Theatre

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Putting Montreal On-Stage Since 1969

For the past 54 years, Centaur Theatre has been at the heart of Montreal’s performing arts community.

Throughout our half-century history, we have been the city’s leading English-language theatre, consistently staging high-quality, relevant, and inclusive live productions that bring audiences together for the shared experience of being moved, challenged, and transformed by the magic of theatre.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we look forward to continuing this legacy for the next 54 years and beyond.

Our Impact

Contributing to a Healthy, Vibrant Society, One Play at a Time

At Centaur, we are devoted to telling stories on stage that expand our perceptions of the world.

We believe theatre serves a vital role in creating a healthy, democratic, and progressive society. By using the stage to train a fresh lens on the experience of being human, we foster an expansive spirit in artists and audiences alike.

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Guarantee relevant, world-class English-language theatre for all Montrealers for generations to come…

Situated among the cobblestone streets of historic Old Montreal, Centaur is the jewel in the crown of Montreal’s English-language theatre scene. By leaving a gift in your will to Centaur, you will help us preserve our legacy of artistic excellence, relevance, and inclusivity in our beautiful heritage home in Canada’s first Stock Exchange building. Our ultimate vision is to expand on our progressive history of opening our doors to artists and audiences of all backgrounds and affirm our identity as the theatre for all Montrealers. For generations to come, we want to continue attracting the best local, national, and international theatre creators to connect with our city’s diverse audiences and tell the most relevant stories of our time. Your gift will help us get there.

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