The Good Samaritan Society

Health, Religion, Social Service


The Good Samaritan Society is a leading not-for-profit registered charity in Western Canada that provides quality accommodation, health and community care services and programs to aging individuals in need.  With over 72 years of experience providing specialized health and community care services make us a provider of choice for individuals and their families seeking a supportive place to call home.

Presently, we have over 4,100 employees and more than 1,900 volunteers who, in the spirit of compassion, serve over 5,000 residents and clients. As one of the largest not-for-profit care providers in Alberta (21 locations) and British Columbia (8 locations), we provide safe, comfortable communities inspiring involvement, where people can experience a sense of caring, belonging and purpose.

We strive to be leaders in the industry and make GSS the home of choice in the communities we serve. To achieve this, we have mandated that 95 cents of every dollar spent goes towards direct frontline care and services.  This enables is to be an efficient and effective organization that can provide quality care and quality accommodations.

Populations Served:

  • The Healthy Elderly
  • Frail Elderly
  • Adults with Developmental Disabilities
  • Chronically Ill Individuals

Services Areas of Care

  • Independent Living
  • Supportive/Assisted Living
  • Long-Term Care
  • Programs for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PPDD)
  • Good Samaritan TeleCare Personal Emergency Response Services
  • Rehabilitative Services
  • Community Care Programs
  • Day Programs

Our Impact

As a charity, The Good Samaritan Society raises funds to provide loving care and quality service to honour the diverse population we serve. Donations to our charity allow us to enhance the programs and services we offer to more than 5,000 people.

We are proud to deliver care and accommodations for a range of needs including providing independent living, supportive/assisted living, long-term/complex care, adult day programs, TeleCare®, a Seniors’ Clinic, and programs for persons with developmental disabilities.

Every day, we are entrusted to care for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, coaches and friends and we could not be more honoured to take on that responsibility.  Donors have the power to transform comfortable accommodations into remarkable homes. Each dollar gifted directly impacts our ability to provide enriching programming and care.

How your gift will be used

Donors have the ability to designate their gift to the care home or program of their choice.  The impact donors have on our residents and clients is immeasurable. Donors have the power to transform comfortable accommodations into remarkable homes, and each dollar gifted directly impacts our ability to provide enriching programming and care. We use donations to create lovely spaces, add innovative technologies, and engage with our residents and clients in new and exciting ways.

With your help, we can create even warmer, happier homes for thousands of individuals. We have the opportunity to take life and make it more spiritual, accessible, beautiful, soulful and creative.

Together, we will provide the best comfort and the most supportive homes for seniors and the disabled in communities.

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