Woman with dark hair and sunglasses is using sign language to communicate with her intervenor.

DeafBlind Ontario Foundation

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DeafBlind Ontario Services supports people who are deafblind, as well as those living with a developmental disability who are Deaf, hard of hearing or use non-traditional forms of communication.  Specialized services are customized to each person’s unique needs, method of communication, and goals to live their best life.

Our reach extends into remote communities and urban centres across the province with supported living homes and community services.

We are one of the largest service providers in Ontario for people with sensory loss who experience communication challenges.

DeafBlind Ontario Foundation raises, invests and directs funds to DeafBlind Ontario Services to enhance programs which support the individuals they serve.

Our Impact

Communicating thoughts, feelings and ideas is a basic human need.  For those who don’t communicate with words, it can be a much more difficult path to connection, belonging and living a full life.

Our approach is individualized and holistic, led by the wishes of each person supported. We challenge people to try new things, new methods and new activities in an effort to seek out new opportunities, relationships and enriching experiences.

We believe that everyone has the right to decide their own future, to make their own decisions, and to have all information given to them in their preferred mode of communication or language.

My husband and I are very optimistic about Shannon’s future. Our goal for Shannon was always to be as independent as she could be and have a life apart from us with her own life, her own interests and her own friends and was able to go out into the community and participate in activities that Shannon was interested in. We wanted her to have a life of her own and  DeafBlind Ontario Services has definitely given her that opportunity to live her best life.

– Kim Flinn, parent

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Specialized support services are crucial to meeting the basic needs of the people we serve. With your support, however, we can do so much more – including turning houses into homes that maximize their mobility and independence; giving them the tools to accomplish ordinary and extraordinary things; and breaking the silence and penetrating the darkness with rich communication and meaningful experiences.

Together, we are transforming lives, one gift at a time.

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