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Mission inclusion pursues Cardinal Léger’s dream of a just world, where no one is left behind. A world where everyone can participate fully in their community, and no one is excluded.

Mission inclusion is one of the only public foundations working across the province of Québec as well as internationally in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia for the wellbeing of vulnerable and marginalized people.

The foundation works with community organizations on projects focused on food security, homelessness, women’s empowerment, community development, the well-being of seniors, and for the protection of children.

We also respond to humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters. Working with our long-term partners on the ground and through our extensive networks we can intervene quickly and effectively with targeted aid.

What makes Mission inclusion special?

  • We are experts in our field with over 70 years of experience!
  • We mobilize key community actors to come together for action in each situation.
  • We favor innovation and support new and promising social practices.
  • We empower the individuals and organizations we support become self-sufficient.

Our Impact

Since our beginning, Mission inclusion has supported over 30 million people through our different activities.

In 2020, our Quebecois and Canadian donors helped us:

  • Support 111,215 people in Québec through 63 projects in 12 different regions,
  • Support 504,327 people internationally through 24 projects in 13 countries,
  • Deliver humanitarian aid to 110,000 displaced people in Cameroon providing them with access to essential services such as food, protection and health,
  • Provide food supplies for 2,800 extremely poor families in Nigeria,
  • Accompany, coach and empower Quebecois community organizations in their work.

During the pandemic in 2020, Mission inclusion launched a COVID-19 Emergency Fund through which it supported a further 14 Quebecois organizations reaching 31,597 individuals in 5 different regions of the province. The fund was also used to help 21 international partners in 11 different countries as they navigated the crisis.

Most recently, with the COVID-19 crisis in India, the foundation was able to quickly mobilize our donors and provide urgent support to our partners in the field!

By supporting Mission inclusion, you are having an impact across the province of Quebec and around the world.

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Legal Name

Jules & Paul Émile Léger Foundation

Charity Number

118923689 RR 0001

How your gift will be used

Your planned gift will create an impact in your area of choice: children and families, women’s rights, homelessness, humanitarian action, well-being of seniors or food secturity. We will work with you to identify the program that is best aligned with your philanthropic goals.

A gift in your will can support:

  • Children and families develop parenting skills and improve their living conditions,
  • Women’s rights and the economic and social empowerment of vulnerable women,
  • Homeless people reintegrate into society and prevent youth homelessness,
  • Humanitarian action responding to the urgent needs of communities and developing the capacity of our partners to face future crises,
  • The well-being of seniors ensuring their rights are respected,
  • Food security for vulnerable populations providing access to nutritious food.

Together with Mission inclusion you can support innovative and engaging projects for the wellbeing of vulnerable and marginalized people in Quebec and around the world!

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