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National Association of Women and the Law Charitable Trust for Research and Education

Community Benefit


The National Association of Women and the Law Charitable Trust for Research and Education was established as the charitable arm to complement the advocacy work of the National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL) to protect and promote the equality rights of all women through legal education, research and law reform advocacy.

Since our founding in 1974, NAWL has worked on its own and in collaboration with others to advance feminist law reform in Canada. We’re proud to have had a major role in achieving significant milestones for Canadian women’s equality, and for our feminist legal analysis and advocacy to have impacted countless laws and policies across the country — most notably in relation to the Canadian Human Rights Act and Sections 15 and 28 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

NAWL continues to play a vital role on both the national and local level — our success is largely due to the commitment of our dedicated subject-matter experts, our ability to work in coalition with numerous organizations, and our development of a vast networking system consisting of women lawyers, judges, academics, students, and activists willing to lend their time, knowledge and skills towards the legal advancement of women’s equality.

Through our history, NAWL has gained a reputation of excellence for its legal research and providing feminist legal analysis and sound legislative advice and NAWL is consistently consulted by the government for our views on any legislation pertinent to women’s equality.

Our Impact

Thanks to our resilient team, NAWL continues to write briefs and discussion papers and appear before Parliamentary and Senate committees and meet with decision makers to influence the law on current and emerging feminist law reform priorities. Our three priority areas are: ending violence against women, reproductive justice, and women’s rights and the climate crisis. Working in coalition, we are building a stronger feminist law reform network and increasing the capacities of all women to engage in the law-making process.

NAWL’s public education provides practical, accessible, and engaging tools for participants who wish to develop or improve skills to assist in feminist law reform to advance women’s equality rights. We offer the Feminist Law Reform 101 online course, and also provide in-person and online workshops on feminist law reform across the country.

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With a gift in your Will, there is so much more NAWL could do to tackle the many ongoing and emerging challenges to women’s substantive equality in Canada. Now more than ever, women in Canada need NAWL to ensure an intersectional feminist perspective will inform legislative change. Your gift will help ensure NAWL can always:

  • be a voice at the table for women’s equality, through intersectional feminist law reform advocacy on Parliament Hill,
  • support equality-seeking groups across Canada voice their feminist positions to lawmakers and decision-makers,
  • influence the law-making process through public legal education and advocacy.

Your Will is an opportunity to support the fight for substantive equality for women in all their diversity.

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