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We are Toronto’s community foundation. Created with the sole purpose of improving quality of life for people in this city now and forever. We do this by highlighting the greatest needs of Toronto’s communities, engaging donors with the city’s charitable landscape, and making grants. Donors partner with us for the strategic investment and administrative services we offer, as well as our community insights.

For over 100 years, philanthropists have come to community foundations to create permanent endowment funds for the cities they love. The net investment return on the value of their original donation is then available to provide grants to charitable organizations every year in perpetuity.

Donors partner with us for the strategic investment and administrative services we offer, as well as our community insights.   

Why work with us? At Toronto Foundation, we offer you the opportunity to be flexible and donate to multiple organizations that align with your values. We’ll be here to support you on your journey of learning and how you want to make an impact. 

Our Impact

Our impact is your impact. Leaving a legacy at Toronto Foundation is about creating the change you want to see in the world. We can work with you to identify how to have the greatest impact with your legacy today, tomorrow and forever. Tangible and sustainable change is created when donors listen, learn more deeply and become engaged with the community in creating a more fair and equal city. That’s why we’re proud to support and share our connections with smaller and mid-sized organizations that do so much of the heavy lifting involved in addressing inequalities. 

How your gift will be used

Establishing a legacy enables you to start planning for the future that reflects your values. We can set up a bequest agreement with you in as little as one conversation. While a will is a relatively static document, a bequest agreement with Toronto Foundation can be fluid. Once you name Toronto Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate via any legal will, you can update your bequest agreement as often as you wish, without the hassle of modifying your will. 

We will invest your gift wisely. We work with leading investment expert RockCreek to help your fund grow so that the reach of your legacy will expand over time.  

We will ensure that your gift has a lasting impact. Whether you have named specific charities, created guidelines for us to follow, or left the decision to our team of experts, your legacy will be directed to impactful community projects and charities that align with your philanthropic goals.  

We will honour your wishes no matter what the future holds. The future is unpredictable—that’s what we’re here for. Our job is to ensure that your charitable legacy established today, is flexible and adaptable to meet tomorrow’s challenges. 

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