SAiF Society (Stop Abuse In Families)

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We’re working towards a society free of abuse. Sound impossible? We don’t think so! Everyday, we see how people can change, learn, grow, heal, and overcome with the right supports, skills, and encouragement.

We’ve been promoting healthy and respectful relationships through education, support, and advocacy for over 30 years. Based in Alberta, where family violence is the third highest in the country, we work with dedicated multi-disciplinary staff, providing support to smaller communities and towns that often receive very few prevention and intervention services.

Because we’re a second stage trauma organization and not a shelter, we can serve all those impacted by abuse who would never reach out to a shelter or who never feel desperate enough to need one. SAiF’s programs are structured to deliver supports that empower our clients to reach the best possible outcomes that they identify and to help keep them as safe as possible, even if they choose to stay in an abusive environment. We strive never to take away a client’s choices but to give them more to choose from. 

Our Board of Directors is comprised of local volunteer community members invested in SAiF’s work and impact in the communities we serve.  They provide governance, oversight, and strategic direction to the organization.

Our Impact

Have you ever felt helpless watching a loved one in an unhealthy relationship? Maybe that was you, once upon a time? Family violence is a shared trauma and while we may feel alone, we rarely ever are.

With programs for children, youth, adults, and seniors, we serve all genders and work with all kinds of families, in whatever shape or form they come in. While we’re a small agency with less than 10 staff and a budget of just under $500K, we have a mighty impact!

Because our approach is trauma-informed, we adapt and flex as our clients teach us what they need, what works best for them, and how they view the world and their sense of self. It means leaving our egos at the door, and approaching our work with humility, authenticity, and without judgement. All of our programs are free to help address barriers to access, as equity and inclusion are critical to our practice.

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It’s estimated that over 66% of Canadians have experienced abuse at some point in their lives. Chances are you know someone who is being abused or bullied right now. But we don’t like to talk about it. And this silence? It helps make people feel alone, isolated, ashamed by what’s happening to them.

By supporting our work, you’re helping those who’ve experienced abuse find a way out, find a way to keep themselves safe, find a way to rebuild their sense of self.

Your gift means someone will be able to free themselves from abuse. Or keep themselves safe. Or to find a way towards healing. To our clients, your gift is priceless.

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